Whitestone Real Estate Fund II

Whitestone brings residential real estate to income-focused investors

Fund Summary

Fund Strategy

  • Target Investment: Stabilized, income-generating residential properties
  • Sector Focus: Single-family rental
  • Geographic Focus: Kansas City

Structure and Terms

  • Distributions: Monthly
  • Minimum Investment: $100,000
  • Term: 10 years
  • Target Net Returns: 12% average cash yield and 3x equity multiple
  • Leverage: Up to 75%

Market Opportunity

  • U.S. housing market is the largest asset class in the world

  • Largest asset class and has the least institutional ownership

  • Widest risk premium since early 2013

  • Millennials delaying life milestones increasing housing demand

  • Household formations continuing to outpace housing starts

  • SFR performance has remained strong through economic cycles

Investment Highlights

Compelling Market Opportunity

  • Large market segment with limited institutional ownership
  • Strong demand fundamentals and outlook in post-COVID environment

Attractive Return & Monthly Cash Flow

  • Build single-family rental portfolio to generate strong cash flow and capital appreciation
  • Stable monthly cash flows

Proven Investment Strategy

  • Acquire properties below replacement cost and within path of progress
  • Disciplined asset selection and management to drive performance

Alignment of Interest

  • Sponsors committing a minimum of 10% of total commitments on the same terms as all investors

Successful Track Record

  • Highly experienced team building successful real estate platform
  • Assets managed with infrastructure/processes of established platform