Housing Authority of Kansas City Missouri, Housing Authority of Independence Missouri, Housing Authority of Lees Summit Missouri

This is the largest organization we work with; these three programs allow leases in at least some zip codes in Jackson County, if not all.
This program is federally funded through the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program (formerly known as Section 8) which provides assistance to very low-income individuals and families which enables them to afford housing in the private rental housing market; participants may choose any housing unit in the County where the owner agrees to rent under the program which meets program requirements. The housing subsidy is paid to the landlord directly and the family pays the difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by the program.

Save, Inc. Kansas City Missouri

This is the second largest entity we work with.
SAVE, Inc. is a community assistance agency which believes that housing is a basic human right. When the agency began, they were an 8 bed hospice facility during the height of the AIDS crisis; for over 35 years now they have been finding permanent, transitional and emergency housing assistance for Kansas City residents in need; each year, they help nearly 2,000 individuals.
They are partially federally funded, but also utilize grants, and donations for funding.
The arm we work with is voucher based. For a person to receive a voucher from Save, Inc. they must have either a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, mental illness, or a substance abuse disorder.


This program falls under the umbrella of the HCV program within the Housing Authority, but is geared only towards veterans. HUD-VASH is the HUD Veterans Assistance Supportive Housing department. There is a dedicated Housing Authority employee who only works HUD-VASH, further ensuring that veterans are able to get priority in obtaining housing assistance vouchers.

Kim Wilson Housing

Kim Wilson Housing (KWH) is an arm of the Wyandotte Behavioral Health Program, a community services agency located in an underserved county in Kansas City, Kansas. This programs can provide everything from mental healthcare, a drop in center for unhoused persons, assistance with job readiness, and housing vouchers.
These are the guiding principles of KWH.
Principle One: Housing is the foundation for good health – mental and physical.
Principle Three: Housing is cost-effective; homelessness is not.
In addition to the cost savings to systems of care — behavioral health services, court systems, etc. — an economic benefit comes to local communities and states that subsidize rent to tax-paying landlords.

reStart, Inc.

reStart, Inc. works with the most vulnerable populations in the area. They do direct outreach to unhoused people, offer a homeless shelter, transitional living shelter, and provide temporary housing assistance to people who are on the waiting list for various voucher programs until the vouchers become available to them. Their mission is to empower all people facing or experiencing homelessness by providing housing and services that inspire hope.

Della Lamb

Della Lamb is a community service organization which provides many things to the Northeast area of Kansas City in particular. They offer a food pantry, preschool, emergency rent assistance, job readiness training, and refugee resettlement services.
They do not provide housing vouchers directly, instead they provide intensive services to a newly arrived refugee family for 3 months, semi-intensive services for the next 9 months and then follow up for the next 4 years to assure the family integrates into America successfully. The biggest drawbacks here are that this is a federally funded program so there isn’t a lot of flexibility in how they distribute funds, and the fact that the refugees coming over have no credit history, and no verifiable rental history so while they are extensively screened by Homeland Security before entering the country everything else is an unknown.