Our Higher Purpose is to Improve the Overall Livelihood for our Tenants and the Communities in which We Further Invest In.

August 27, 2021
At Whitestone, we look to acquire class C housing for our single family rental fund strategy. As we look to launch fund III across multiple markets, it is stories like these that prove our overall impact truly is to improve the livelihood of our tenants lives. 

Here is an example of a family who is now renting a single family home from us in Columbus, OH. The mother of six left an apartment complex considered a “public nuisance” by the city with over 4,000 property crimes in one year. Bugs, filthy water, condemned ceilings and much more were a part of their daily routine before moving into one of our rental homes. We take great integrity with our properties. Our code in which we operate under is to follow strict guidelines on creating a healthy living standard for our tenants.

If you would like to learn more about our overall impacts related with our investment thesis, please contact Alicia Miller, VP Capital Market at amiller@whitestoneco.com.